A Seminole County Jury Found Mathis Guilty Of One Count Of Racketeering, 51 Counts Of Conducting An Illegal Lottery And 51 Counts Of Possessing An Illegal Slot Machine.

Jacksonville Florida Physicist

Internet cafes, which critics derided as "storefront casinos," offered electronic games that authorities said were akin to slot machines. Allied Veterans of the World was a major player in the industry, which effectively shut down after the 2013 raids and subsequent changes in state law. The crackdown also helped spur the resignation of Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, who previously had done consulting work for Allied Veterans of the World. Mathis, a former president of The Jacksonville Bar Association, was an attorney for Allied Veterans of the World. But he faced the criminal charges because prosecutors alleged that he "knowingly provided false legal advice" about the internet cafes, according to the appeals-court ruling. A Seminole County jury found Mathis guilty of one count of racketeering, 51 counts of conducting an illegal lottery and 51 counts of possessing an illegal slot machine. But a panel of the appeals court ordered a new trial, saying in part that a circuit judge improperly prevented Mathis from presenting evidence that could have showed he was doing legitimate legal work rather than aiding an illegal operation.

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Jacksonville Florida Physicist

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