A Few Hundred Seminole Remained City In The United States.

Florida Mechanic

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(WFLA) - Police officers in Florida are being lauded as heroes after they stepped into a scary situation and rescued a woman who appeared to be preparing to jump off a roof with two small children. The Delray Beach Police Department responded to reports of a woman and two children standing on the roof of a townhouse. Upon arrival, police encountered a 23-year-old woman and two small children, ages 1 and 3, on the ledge of a garage. Police said the woman was hallucinating and acting erratically and refused to listen to their commands. Officer Rob Addea immediately jumped into action and positioned himself under the window to catch them if necessary. “Just get the kids back inside,” Addea pleaded with the mother. “Please. Please. That’s all we want you to do.”  Around that time, Sgt. Mike Debree and Sgt. Brian Griffith went upstairs and accessed a window to the ledge. Sgt. Debree grabbed the children's arms while Sgt.

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Florida Mechanic

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